Will pegging make you a better man?

June 5th, 2013

Well, you know, I can kind of see their point.


"For men who have never been on the receiving side of penetration, sex is something that happens outside the body. And when sex is external to your body, it can be easier to do when you have a headache or you're not quite in the mood. A lot of men discover than when sex is about catching rather than pitching, their mood, their emotions, and their connection to a partner can often have a bigger influence on what they want to do and how it feels." Men, Glickman and Emirzian suggest optimistically, will be a lot less likely to rush foreplay once they've experienced how long it takes to relax sufficiently in order to comfortably take a dildo (or other sex toy) in the ass.

For women, Glickman and Emirzian write, the experience of pegging a man can be equally revelatory, suggesting that "many women who use strap-on dildos discover how much work, responsibility, and (sometimes) power can be part of fucking someone."

"There's a common myth that anal sex only hurts the receiver," they say; it's too often assumed (especially when it's a man doing the penetrating) that he's taking pleasure in causing discomfort, while the "bottom" (usually a woman) gets pleasure only out of making her guy happy. "We suspect this is also why some straight guys may fear that their female partners want to penetrate them not for mutual pleasure, but as some kind of passive-aggressive payback." That's just not true, Glickman and Emirzian insist, and the sooner men get over their anxiety and guilt, the more fun they and their partners will have. And maybe, just maybe, we can peg our way right out of sexism itself.


Hair Pulling Anal Sex

June 5th, 2013

Anal Hair Pulling

Grab your girls hair during reguular sex and especially during anal sex – pretty much all girls love it. But make sure you grab it the right way! Don’t grab hair on the top or sides of her head – there is only one great place to grab a girls hair, and that is near the nape of her neck.

Grab as much hair as you can – a big handful distributes the pulling over a large area, and gives her a very pleasant feeling, while holding a little bunch of her hair will hurt her, and piss her off.

Here’s a nice pic of some anal hair pulling, maybe a little rough, but during anal a little roughness in other areas is a good distraction, and helps her relax.

Tyla gets her hair pulled during assfucking

Exotic latina Jasmin buttfucked to gaper

Anal Rape in Lady Chatterly’s Lover

June 5th, 2013

“Among the famous love scenes there is one that was not noticed by judge or jury, by the prosecution or defence – not by anybody. In it Lawrence lauds the anal fuck as the apex of sexual experience, but it is written in such a way as not to be explicit. Well, it is known that a lot of people enjoy anal sex. In these days he would not have to write so obscurely. Apparently he is leaving behind tender-hearted fucking, and the vaginal orgasm, not to mention the poor old clitoris, for what is described is really an anal rape. Constance enjoys it and reaches her fulfilment as a woman – we have Lawrence’s word for it. But it is so funny that no one in that court saw what Lawrence was actually saying in this novel, defended as being really so moral and so wholesome.”


Doris Lessing writes about how anal sex and anal rape were themes in D.H. Lawrence.

Blonde hotty gets her anus stuffed rough then sucks off the anal juice

June 5th, 2013

First Virginee sucked on his dick to get him hard and then he plugged it into her asshole for some deep anal sex. As her asshole was open gaping wide, she then took a throat fucking while gagging on his cock. She tasted her ass on his cock as she did some kinky ass to mouth action. Finally he then dropped a load of jizz down her throat.

Anal Sex and Fisting Ann Coulter

June 5th, 2013

Now that Ann Coulter has got herself in trouble for a voting offense, I thought it might be a good time to post this anal sex in the news tidbit I wrote some time back about her:


I guess you either love Ann Coulter, or you hate her. Me, I hate her. Any man who listens to her flap her yap is a collossal pussy who should be castrated and sent over to Egypt to serve grapes.

If you like Coulter, just mail your testicles to the NOW office, you don’t need em anymore.

“Coulter claimed that “health fanatics, when it comes to smoking, encourage every form of polymorphous perversity,” including “anal sex and fisting.”


Says Keith Olbermann: “But our winner: Coultergeist — not the plagiarism stuff, something different. She told a Denver radio station that while liberals opposed people’s rights to smoke in restaurants, they seemed not to be worried about the health consequences of, quote, “polymorphous perversity.”

She concluded, sarcastically, quoting her again, quote: “Anal sex and fisting, that’s part of our deepest privacy rights.” Ann. Ewww! One of my producers proposed this headline: “Woman with Adam’s Apple Denounces Anal Sex and Fisting.” Ann Coultergeist: today’s “Worst Person in the World!” “

Giving your man the gift of anal for Christmas – some how-to tips for anal sex as a surprise for your lover

June 5th, 2013

Just like Ke$sha says, girls, if you want to keep your man, you have to learn how to give him your asshole, and not just learn how, but learn how to love the feeling of anal sex! It;s a competitove world out there, and anal sex is your secret weapon against all those other bitches.

So, this christmas, or for his birthday, here's that special way to show him you are a Grade A Piece of Ass(TM) and a fucking sexy bitch – give him that backdoor pass.

Here are two ideas from some sex advice writer somewhere who understands the power of anal in the female war for the best men. Sorry, it's behind a cookie paywall – read once then you gotta pay – you can always try a inprivate browser….

Wrap a dignified, conservative-looking box in plaid or gold and leave it under the tree. As much as he may have wanted some pragmatic warming socks or another tie, I doubt he’ll pout when he opens the gift that keeps on giving: anal lube. If you’re still looking for the perfect backdoor lubricant for ladies (Because every asshole is a unique and special snowflake, you may want to get a few different kinds for the purpose of experimenting), I highly recommend a visit to discreet online shopping.

Give him a book on the subject. This method of gifting is my favorite, because it involves both reading and hotness. The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, 2nd Edition gets good reviews on Amazon and, at 180 pages, should provide even an ass sex afficianado like yourself some valuable new tips. Pull this one out from under the bed on Christmas and get his eggnog flowing.

The gift of butt sex

Don’t Be A Chump, Get Out And Vote!

June 5th, 2013

If ya don’t vote, you’re a chump. A schmuck, a mark, a rube, a patsy.

So vote. Whichever you’re bums are, throw ’em out.

Anal Rimming is the topic of the day at Psychology Today

June 5th, 2013

Psychology today isn't usually a great source of info on anal sex – I've seen several anti-anal articles posted there. But recently they covered the topic of rimmimg, ahhh, that's rimming, in a way that has the usually psychtoday fastidiousness and fear of shit, but is still worth a scan.

At least they mention Jack Morin, one of the crop of reputable experts on anal sex. His book, Anal Pleasure and Health, should be on the anal students reading list.

Here's a snippet from the article.

Analingus feels erotic for the same reason that anal play in general feels arousing. The anus and surrounding tissue are richly endowed with nerves highly sensitive to erotic touch.

In addition, lovemaking draws much of its emotional power from intimacy, lovers' deep acceptance of each other. Analingus is a way for the rimmer to say: "I love all of you. No part of you turns me off." It's a way for the rimmee to say: "I'm totally yours. No part of me is off limits to you." Such mutual acceptance can be a powerful turn-on.

Of course, rimming also involves a big fear, fecal contact. Not to worry, says sex therapist Jack Morin, Ph.D., author of Anal Pleasure and Health. Soap and water remove any traces of stool, a good reason to shower together before trying analingus. For extra safety, the rimmee might also use an enema or two before washing.

Rimming: The Curious Couple's Guide to Oral-Anal Play