Sometimes you just have to give that smartmouth bitch an anal lesson

June 5th, 2013

Manhandled Anal Bitch

A smartmouth bitch gets taken down a few pegs with a good asshole pegging…

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Movies of a sweet teen sucking cock and taking it in the ass

June 5th, 2013

Natasha has always wanted to take a big cock up the ass and now she has finally gotten her chance. As she bent over the bed, she took his huge dick into her tight asshole as he worked his way in. He fucked her until her little asshole was gaping wide. Then he stroked his cock some more and dropped a big load of man goo in her mouth.

Contemplate the perfect rimjob and sack cleaning this girl could deliver

June 5th, 2013

I've known some girls who could perform the perfect rimjob, who would lick my asshole and balls with devotion and attention to detail, but this girl does make me wonder if future asslickers will be even better than today's best…

Anal Rape in Lady Chatterly’s Lover

June 5th, 2013

“Among the famous love scenes there is one that was not noticed by judge or jury, by the prosecution or defence – not by anybody. In it Lawrence lauds the anal fuck as the apex of sexual experience, but it is written in such a way as not to be explicit. Well, it is known that a lot of people enjoy anal sex. In these days he would not have to write so obscurely. Apparently he is leaving behind tender-hearted fucking, and the vaginal orgasm, not to mention the poor old clitoris, for what is described is really an anal rape. Constance enjoys it and reaches her fulfilment as a woman – we have Lawrence’s word for it. But it is so funny that no one in that court saw what Lawrence was actually saying in this novel, defended as being really so moral and so wholesome.”,,1819727,00.html

Doris Lessing writes about how anal sex and anal rape were themes in D.H. Lawrence.

A Bum Deal

June 5th, 2013

The subject of the ‘technical virgin’ that is, girls who are saving the pussy for marriage but are willing to have anal sex, seems to be exploding. Here’s another interesting article about it.

“I’ve been reliably informed that anal sex as an alternative to no sex before marriage is not that unusual.

Make of this what you want. I’m sure plenty of readers will be happy to share their views on whether no sex before marriage means it’s ok to have anal sex. I’m not here to pass moral judgement.

Anal sex has become a lot more mainstream these days. At least it seems to be something that more people admit to.

Perhaps the internet has had some role in encouraging activity or openness. I’ve even heard that anal sex is more commonly practiced among heterosexual couples than homosexual couples. “

Not Such A Bum Deal

How to Use Sexual Lubrication for Anal Sex.

June 5th, 2013

You see these two things all the time in anal porn movies – either the actor squirts a big stream of sex lube onto the girls anus, ass cheeks, and everything else in view, or he puts a little dab on her anus, then jams his cock in. Neither of these is the right way to use lubes for anal sex.

So, let me suggest, from my experience, the best way to use anal lubes. First, and believe me this is very important, is to make sure you have some hand towels or at the very least paper towels nearby and handy where you usually have sex. If your relationship is new, I suggest hand towels, actual cloth towels, because chicks dig them and appreciate the extra effort. Why towels? Because sex lube is very messy, and to use it right your hands are likely to get sticky and messy and slippery, so you are going to need to wipe your hands off as soon as you have applied the lube. Believe me, the first time you put and lube without wiping your hands, and then try to grab your girls hips and tits and your hand slips off and you leave a mess and she says “Yuucckk”, you will know exactly why towels are important with sexlubes. You can try wiping your hands off on the sheets, or jumping up to grab some clothing or whatever for the purpose, but don’t be a chump, keep some towels ready for sex purposes.

Second, usually it’s better to put the lube on your cock than to try to put it on her asshole. (This is especially true if you are using a condom.) Put a good squirt of lube into the palm of your hand, and grab your hardon and put a coating of lube all over your cock. Try to concentrate the lube on the tip of your cock and the area where it is widest. Make sure you have lube all the way around, you don’t want to have a dry area which will stick and pull her delicate inner rectal flesh.

Sometimes you will want to squirt a little bit more on your fingertips, and apply this to her anus. But it usually isn’t necessary.

(I’m not going to mention here the complexities of using lube for fingering her ass, I’ll leave that for another entry.)

And, sometimes, especially if this is one of the first times you are going to have anal sex, once you have lubed your whole cock, put a little more lube onto your fingertips and apply an extra thick layer on the tip of your cock, to provide a bit of extra slipperiness for the initial entry.

Now, quickly wipe your hands clean and dry. This is the time to put at least one hand on her body, to re-establish physical touch, because during the time you have been lubing up, she has been thinking, and the last thing you want is for her to be thinking too much.

Again, you will want to practice using lubes during regular vaginal sex, to get used to using them, and to get your partner used to them also. But, for regular sex you will want to use substantially less lube. Just don’t make the mistake of never using lube, and then fumbling with it the first time you use it for anal.

So, to recap – put the lube on yourself, more than on her, and be ready to clean up the mess.

Kelly Lundy (ex-olympian Suzy Hamilton’s escort name) charged an extra $300 for anal sex

June 5th, 2013

So now you know what a hot piece of ass blond hooker gets for giving up that tight anus…

Kelly Lundy charged $300 for anal sex - so tap that ass

"Her profile, now inaccessible to the site outage, said her rates ranged from $600 for an hour to $6,000 for a 24-hour period. Notably, Lundy would charge clients an extra $300 for anal sex."



Bringing “It” To The Backdoor

June 5th, 2013

More college papers than ever seem to be including columns on anal sex…

“Those who do participate, men and women alike, report that there exists great pleasure potential in the anus. For men, the prostate becomes stimulated when the anus is penetrated, allowing some men to climax by simply being anally penetrated. Some women, although not as many, are also able to orgasm from being anally penetrated, however these cases are usually supplemented by clitoral stimulation.

Either way, the anus possesses innumerable nerve endings, making anal sex an viable opportunity for sexual satisfaction.

Edward O. Laumann’s The Social Organization of Sexuality: Sexual Practices in the United States found that about 20 percent of heterosexuals have engaged in anal sex and sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that number to be closer to 40 percent.

A female GW junior who wished to remain anonymous told me that: “I love having anal sex with my boyfriend, when the time is right. Sometimes you get bored of the same old sex and anal mixes things up and also makes me feel good in a way no other kind of sex does. Even if it’s not actual sex, fingers feel really good too.””